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Battle Frontier Max Stats Pokemon Database

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Peterko, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    This is an almost complete battle frontier max stats pkmn database, I´ve gathered this info by writing down all the pkmn I encountered during my endless battle factory open level tries (a few legendaries are missing, they are hard to get since most of them show up after 42 wins, anyone who played factory knows how „easy“ is to get that far lol).

    And during my work on the battle factory open level database I found out that the exact same rental pkmn (and only these) are used in all the other buildings (except the brains have special pkmn).
    ...in addition, there are only 2 EV spreads in the whole BF, 255/255 and 170/170/170, so I could figure out the max stats from my factory database...yes, BF hacks 6*31 DV (IV) pkmn...I´m not sure from which moment on you´ll encounter them, but I think after you get gold – at least in the factory (nevertheless you´ll be prepared for the „worst“ from the start)...

    the database:
    A, B, C, D, E, F

    A = Pokémon
    *B = (number) - battle factory help (read NOTE)
    C = personality
    D = item
    E = stats - HP, ATTACK, DEFENSE, SPECIAL ATTACK, SPECIAL DEFENSE, SPEED - like in the pkmn status window
    F = moves

    *B - tells you in which round/set of battle factory battles u see/meet the pkmn:
    (1) = 1-7,
    (2) = 8-14,
    (3) = 15-21,
    (4) = 22-28,
    (5) = 29-35 -> you can meet every pkmn from the list at 29+
    ...you won´t meet a pkmn(2) in battle 1-7, or a pkmn(3) in 22-28, but you can meet a (1)+(3)+(5) from battle 29 onwards, this applies only for open level factory, in factory lv.50 (1)= 22-28, (2) = 29-35 etc., which means the same movesets as in open level appear from battle 22 and higher, 1-21 are three different sets of „weaker“ pkmn like illumise + not fully evolved pkmn like all the starters (ivysaur, wartortle, charmeleon), I have not included these, because I haven´t played lv.50 enough to get all of them and don´t plan to do so + u shouldn´t have problems to beat them (except maybe some guillotine crawdaunt/kingler hax and stuff like that) -> posted an incomplete lv.50 factory list, it´s in the middle of this page
    - gender and trait (ability) are not set for a moveset

    ...enjoy :D

    AERODACTYL (1), adamant, king´s rock, 343,316,166,140,186,338, ancientpower, aerial ace, dragonbreath, roar
    AERODACTYL (2), adamant, CB, 343,316,166,140,186,338, hyper beam, earthquake, aerial ace, ancientpower
    AERODACTYL (3), hardy, king´s rock, 301,309,166,219,186,296, double-edge, rock slide, fire blast, dragon claw
    AERODACTYL (4), hardy, king´s rock, 301,309,166,219,186,296, double-edge, earthquake, fire blast, bite

    AGGRON (1), adamant, QC, 344,350,396,140,156,136, iron tail, earthquake, aerial ace, roar
    AGGRON (2), adamant, scope lens, 344,350,396,140,156,136, focus punch, earthquake, rock slide, thunder wave
    AGGRON (3), modest, brightpowder, 344,230,396,240,156,136, surf, thunder, fire blast, blizzard
    AGGRON (4), adamant, QC, 344,350,396,140,156,136, double-edge, earthquake, rock slide, aerial ace

    ALAKAZAM (1), modest, focus band, 251,122,189,405,206,276, thunderpunch, fire punch, ice punch, thunder wave
    ALAKAZAM (2), modest, lum, 251,122,189,405,206,276, psychic, calm mind, thunder wave, recover
    ALAKAZAM (3), modest, CB, 251,122,189,405,206,276, trick, disable, psychic, skill swap
    ALAKAZAM (4), modest, brightpowder, 251,122,189,405,206,276, psychic, thunderpunch, fire punch, ice punch

    ALTARIA (1), docile, cheri, 354,239,216,176,246,196, dragon claw, aerial ace, refresh, body slam
    ALTARIA (2), bold, leftovers, 333,158,283,176,288,196, perish song, dragonbreath, pursuit, attract
    ALTARIA (3), adamant, lum, 354,262,216,158,246,196, sing, dragon dance, aerial ace, earthquake
    ALTARIA (4), docile, shell bell, 291,239,216,239,246,196, dragon claw, earthquake, flamethrower, ice beam

    AMPHAROS (1), relaxed, magnet, 384,186,204,329,216,131, rain dance, thunder, thunder wave, attract
    AMPHAROS (2), hardy, brightpowder, 321,249,186,329,216,146,thunderpunch, fire punch, focus punch, thunder wave
    AMPHAROS (3), hardy, focus band, 321,249,186,329,216,146, thunderbolt, mega kick, iron tail, brick break
    AMPHAROS (4), modest, lum, 321,147,249,361,216,146, thunderbolt, fire punch, thunder wave, reflect

    ARCANINE (1), adamant, king´s rock, 321,350,196,212,186,289, flamethrower, extremespeed, crunch, body slam
    ARCANINE (2), docile, lum, 321,256,196,299,186,289, fire blast, sunny day, crunch, roar
    ARCANINE (3), modest, white herb, 321,230,196,328,186,289, overheat, extremespeed, crunch, aerial ace
    ARCANINE (4), docile, white herb, 321,256,196,299,186,289, overheat, extremespeed, crunch, double-edge

    ARMALDO (1), adamant, scope lens, 354,383,236,158,196,126, slash, aerial ace, ancientpower, protect
    ARMALDO (2), adamant, QC, 354,383,236,158,196,126, iron tail, ancientpower, brick break, knock off
    ARMALDO (3), adamant, QC, 354,383,236,158,196,126, earthquake, rock slide, brick break, swords dance
    ARMALDO (4), adamant, CB, 354,383,236,158,196,126, double edge, earthquake, aerial ace, rock slide

    ARTICUNO (5), modest, lum, 321,185,236,317,286,269, ice beam, water pulse, icy wind, roar
    ARTICUNO (5), impish, leftovers, 363,206,305,203,328,206, substitute, toxic, blizzard, double team
    ARTICUNO (5), docile, focus band, 321,269,236,289,286,206, blizzard, double-edge, agility, swagger
    ARTICUNO (5), chesto, reflect, rest, double-edge, blizzard

    BLASTOISE (1), modest, shell bell, 362,181,236,295,246,192, rain dance, hydro pump, bite, seismic toss
    BLASTOISE (2), brave, shell bell, 341,268,236,248,246,172, hydro pump, mega kick, brick break, mirror coat
    BLASTOISE (3), docile, focus band, 341,244,236,248,246,192, surf, earthquake, ice beam, counter
    BLASTOISE (4), docile, focus band, 341,244,236,248,246,192, surf, earthquake, ice beam, mirror coat

    BLAZIKEN (1), docile, QC, 301,339,176,319,176,196, flamethrower, sunny day, double kick, roar
    BLAZIKEN (2), docile, scope lens, 301,339,176,319,176,196, blaze kick, mega kick, thunderpunch, brick break
    BLAZIKEN (3), hardy, salac, 301,339,176,256,176,259, overheat, earthquake, endure, reversal
    BLAZIKEN (4), hardy, white herb, 301,339,176,319,176,196, overheat, earthquake, rock slide, thunderpunch

    BLISSEY (1), bold, brightpowder, 651,50,130,186,369,146, toxic, double team, sing, softboiled
    BLISSEY (2), bold, leftovers, 651,50,130,186,369,146, seismic toss, sing, attract, substitute
    BLISSEY (3), bold, focus band, 651,50,130,186,369,146, fire blast, blizzard, calm mind, softboiled
    BLISSEY (4), bold, focus band, 651,50,130,186,369,146, ice beam, calm mind, counter, softboiled
    BLISSEY, substitute, double team, softboiled, seismic toss

    BRELOOM (1), jolly, king´s rock, 261,359,196,140,156,262, sky uppercut, mach punch, headbutt, counter
    BRELOOM (2), docile, brightpowder, 261,296,196,219,156,239, giga drain, leech seed, focus punch, spore
    BRELOOM (3), adamant, leftovers, 261,394,196,140,156, 239, iron tail, focus punch, attract, spore
    BRELOOM (4), adamant, QC, 261,394,196,140,156,239, focus punch, sludge bomb, spore, double team

    CHARIZARD (1), modest, focus band, 297,183,192,348,206,299, fire blast, sunny day, roar, scary face
    CHARIZARD (2), adamant, brightpowder, 297,293,192,228,206,299, earthquake, aerial ace,dragon dance,smokescreen
    CHARIZARD (3), modest, lum, 297,183,192,348,206,299, flamethrower, dragon claw, bite, brick break
    CHARIZARD (4), hardy, white herb, 297,246,192,296,206,278, overheat, earthquake, rock slide, aerial ace

    CLAYDOL (1), adamant, lum, 324,262,246,158,276,186, earthquake, rock slide, swagger, psych up
    CLAYDOL (2), calm, leftovers, 303,158,288,176,349,186, psychic, earthquake, double team, cosmic power
    CLAYDOL (3), modest, shell bell, 324,158,246,262,276,186, psychic, ice beam, sunny day, solarbeam
    CLAYDOL (4), adamant, focus band, 324,262,246,158,276,186, explosion, psychic, earthquake, shadow ball

    CLEFABLE (1), brave, leftovers, 331,193,245,206,279,140, metronome, double team, reflect, follow me
    CLEFABLE (2), adamant, focus band, 331,262,245,185,216,156, meteor mash, cosmic power, double team, follow me
    CLEFABLE (3), modest, lum, 331,158,245,295,216,156, thunderbolt, ice beam, flamethrower, magical leaf
    CLEFABLE (4), docile, focus band, 331,239,245,206,216,156, shadow ball, mega kick, psychic, softboiled

    CRADILY (1), relaxed, leftovers, 355,198,299,198,292,109, giga drain, rock slide, barrier, confuse ray
    CRADILY (2), adamant, sitrus, 376,287,230,178,250,122, earthquake, ancientpower, swagger, psych up
    CRADILY (3), modest, leftovers, 313,178,272,264,292,122, solarbeam, sunny day, substitute, recover
    CRADILY (4), bold, leftovers, 355,178,299,198,292,122, ingrain, toxic, mirror coat, giga drain

    CROBAT (1), quirky, king´s rock, 353,258,196,218,196,296, sludge bomb, bite, astonish, screech
    CROBAT (2), calm, leftovers, 353,194,238,176,261,296, toxic, giga drain, confuse ray, double team
    CROBAT (3), adamant, scope lens, 311,306,196,158,196,359, air cutter, double-edge, shadow ball, screech
    CROBAT (4), adamant, brightpowder, 311,306,196,158,196,359, sludge bomb, shadow ball, confuse ray, aerial ace

    DEWGONG (1), quiet, nevermeltice, 384,176,196,262,226,158, ice beam, icy wind, headbutt, fake out
    DEWGONG (2), docile, shell bell, 321,239,196,239,226,176, blizzard, double-edge, encore, disable
    DEWGONG (3), bold, chesto, 384,158,284,176,226,176, rest, sleep talk, horn drill, sheer cold
    DEWGONG (4), docile, lum, 321,239,196,239,226,176, surf, ice beam, signal beam, sheer cold

    DODRIO (1), adamant, chesto, 261,350,176,140,156,299, drill peck, tri attack, rest, sleep talk
    DODRIO (2), adamant, king´s rock, 261,350,176,140,156,299, double-edge, drill peck, faint attack, protect
    DODRIO (3), adamant, lum, 261,350,176,140,156,299, double-edge, drill peck, steel wing, faint attack
    DODRIO (4), adamant, salac, 261,350,176,140,156,299, endure, flail, drill peck, facade

    DONPHAN (1), adamant, chesto, 384,372,276,140,156,136, earthquake, ancientpower, swagger, rest
    DONPHAN (2), jolly, QC, 321,339,276,140,156,218, earthquake, rock tomb, endure, flail
    DONPHAN (3), adamant, QC, 384,372,276,140,156,136, fissure, earthquake, rock slide, secret power
    DONPHAN (4), adamant, QC, 384,372,276,140,156,136, fissure, earthquake, rock slide, iron tail

    DRAGONITE (4), docile, QC, 386,304,226,299,236,196, earthquake, rain dance, surf, thunder
    DRAGONITE (5), docile, lum, 323,367,226,299,236,196, double-edge, thunder wave, outrage, roar
    DRAGONITE (5), docile, QC, 386,304,226,299,236,196, earthquake, sunny day, fire blast, blizzard
    DRAGONITE (5), modest, shell bell, 323,273,226,328,236,259, dragon claw, thunderbolt, ice beam, surf
    DRAGONITE (5), modest, shell bell, 323,273,226,328,236,259, dragon claw, thunderbolt, flamethrower, surf
    DRAGONITE (5), chesto berry, dragon dance, hyper beam, thunder wave, rest
    DRAGONITE, leftovers, thunder wave, double team, hyper beam
    DRAGONITE, adamant, brightpowder, dragon dance, earthquake, brick break, aerial ace
    DRAGONITE, modest, shell bell, brick break, dragon claw, flamethrower, ice beam

    DUGTRIO (1), adamant, soft sand, 211,284,136,122,176,339, earthquake, tri attack, slash, sand tomb
    DUGTRIO (2), adamant, king´s rock, 211,284,136,122,176,339, earthquake, ancientpower, aerial ace, tri attack
    DUGTRIO (3), adamant, king´s rock, 211,284,136,122,176,339, earthquake, double-edge, sludge bomb, fissure
    DUGTRIO (4), adamant, king´s rock, 211,284,136,122,176,339, earthquake, double-edge, rock slide, fissure

    DUSCLOPS (1), impish, leftovers, 263,176,371,140,338,86, will-o-wisp, seismic toss, pain split, confuse ray
    DUSCLOPS (2), impish, leftovers, 263,176,371,140,338,86, toxic, confuse ray, double team, protect
    DUSCLOPS (3), adamant, leftovers, 263,193,338,140,338,86, psych up, swagger, shadow ball, quake
    DUSCLOPS (4), adamant, chesto, 284,262,296,140,296,86, curse, shadow ball, double-edge, rest

    ELECTABUZZ (1), relaxed, cheri, 313,202,211,268,206,221, thunderbolt, thunder wave, brick break, light screen
    ELECTABUZZ (2), quirky, leftovers, 271,244,150,268,206,288, thunder, rain dance, attract, focus punch
    ELECTABUZZ (3), quirky, lum, 271,202,150,289,206,309, thunderbolt, cross chop, ice punch, fire punch
    ELECTABUZZ (4), docile, scope lens, 271,265,150,289,206,246, thunderbolt, psychic, mega kick, cross chop

    ELECTRODE (1), quiet, focus band, 324,136,176,284,196,284, thunderbolt, swift, light screen, protect
    ELECTRODE (2), modest, brightpowder, 303,122,218,215,238,316, rain dance, thunder, double team,swagger
    ELECTRODE (3), naughty, liechi, 261,218,176,259,176,316, explosion, thunderbolt, thunder wave, endure
    ELECTRODE (4), naughty, lum, 261,218,176,259,176,316, thunderbolt, thunder wave, explosion, mirror coat

    ENTEI (4), modest, chesto, 371,239,269,237,249,236, flamethrower, calm mind, roar, rest
    ENTEI (5), docile, salac, 371,266,269,216,249,236, endure, fire blast, reflect, double-edge
    ENTEI (5), modest, king´s rock, 371,239,206,306,186,299, flamethrower, bite, double team, reflect
    ENTEI (5), modest, solarbeam, sunny day, fire blast, reflect
    ENTEI (5), modest, chesto, 371,239,206,306,186,299, flamethrower, double team, calm mind, rest
    ENTEI, double-edge, flamethrower

    ESPEON (1), modest, lum, 271,149,198,325,268,298, psychic, charm, calm mind, baton pass
    ESPEON (2), docile, chesto, 271,229,156,296,226,319, psychic, shadow ball, calm mind, rest
    ESPEON (3), modest, lum, 271,149,156,394,226,319, psychic, bite, wish, reflect
    ESPEON (4), modest, brightpowder, 271,149,156,394,226,319, psychic, bite, attract, calm mind

    EXEGGUTOR (1), quiet, QC, 331,226,269,314,229,131, sunny day, solarbeam, synthesis, screen
    EXEGGUTOR (2), hardy, chesto, 331,289,206,286,229,146, curse, rest, frustration, sleep powder
    EXEGGUTOR (3), hardy, leftovers, 373,226,248,286,208,146, leech seed, giga drain, toxic, explosion
    EXEGGUTOR (4), hardy, brightpowder, 331,289,206,349,166,146, psychic, giga drain, sludge bomb, explosion

    EXPLOUD (1), impish, chesto, 412,281,178,196,162,172, hyper voice, shadow ball, rest, sleep talk
    EXPLOUD (2), quirky, focus band, 349,281,162,281,162,172, sunny day, solarbeam, earthquake, counter
    EXPLOUD (3), modest, white herb, 349,196,162,309,162,235, overheat, ice beam, thunderpunch, extrasensory
    EXPLOUD (4), hardy, white herb, 349,281,162,281,162,172, mega kick, earthquake, shadow ball, overheat

    FEAROW (1), adamant, sharp beak, 271,306,166,142,158,299, drill peck, tri attack, facade, mud slap
    FEAROW (2), adamant, focus band, 271,306,166,142,158,299, drill peck, tri attack, attract, pursuit
    FEAROW (3), hardy, scope lens, 271,279,166,158,158,299, drill peck, frustration, steel wing, faint attack
    FEAROW (4), hardy, lum, 271,279,166,221,158,236, drill peck, double-edge, steel wing, sky attack

    FERALIGATR (1), quiet, lum, 353,246,236,259,244,172, surf, rain dance, aerial ace, roar
    FERALIGATR (2), sassy, QC, 353,246,236,236,268,172, surf, brick break, dragon claw, scary face
    FERALIGATR (3), hardy, scope lens, 353,288,236,236,202,192, hydro pump, crunch, earthquake, rock slide
    FERALIGATR (4), hardy, scope lens, 353,288,236,236,202,192, hydro pump, ice beam, earthquake, aerial ace

    FLAREON (1), modest, sitrus, 271,266,219,317,256,166, flamethrower, roar, bite, sand-attack
    FLAREON (2), relaxed, QC, 313,296,217,226,298,149, curse, attract, double-edge, shadow ball
    FLAREON (3), jolly, QC, 271,359,156,203,256,251, overheat, endure, flail, shadow ball
    FLAREON (4), quiet, QC, 271,359,156,317,256,149, shadow ball, double-edge, overheat, sunny day

    FLYGON (1), adamant, brightpowder, 301,328,196,176,196,299, earthquake, steel wing, faint attack, facade
    FLYGON (2), modest, brightpowder, 301,212,196,284,196,299, sunny day, solarbeam, fire blast, crunch
    FLYGON (3), hardy, scope lens, 301,278,196,238,196,278, earthquake, dragon claw, flamethrower, giga drain
    FLYGON (4), hardy, scope lens, 301,278,196,238,196,278, earthquake, dragon claw, double-edge, crunch

    FORRETRESS (1), adamant, focus band, 291,306,316,140,219,116, double-edge, rock slide, light screen, spikes
    FORRETRESS (2), adamant, lum, 291,306,316,140,219,116, earthquake, double-edge, counter, protect
    FORRETRESS (3), quiet, focus band, 291,258,316,217,198,104, explosion, earthquake, giga drain, zap cannon
    FORRETRESS (4), adamant, QC, 291,306,316,140,219,116, explosion, earthquake, rock slide, double-edge

    GARDEVOIR (1), timid, leftovers, 319,149,208,286,266,261, hypnosis, dream eater, magical leaf, reflect
    GARDEVOIR (2), modest, chesto, 340,149,229,314,266,196, psychic, calm mind, double team, rest
    GARDEVOIR (3), modest, lum, 277,149,166,383,266,259, psychic, ice punch, fire punch, magical leaf
    GARDEVOIR (4), modest, brightpowder, 277,149,166,383,266,259, psychic, ice punch, fire punch, thunderbolt
    GARDEVOIR (5), bold, QC, 319,149,228,286,308,196, psychic, calm mind, will-o-wisp, destiny bond
    GARDEVOIR (5), psychic, thunderbolt, will-o-wisp, destiny bond
    GARDEVOIR (5), modest, brightpowder, 277,149,166,383,266,259, psychic, magical leaf, attract, double team
    GARDEVOIR (5), docile, salac,319,166,208,286,266,238, psychic, shadow ball, endure, destiny bond

    GENGAR (1), timid, leftovers, 303,149,156,338,186,327, hypnosis, dream eater, confuse ray, attract
    GENGAR (2), adamant, leftovers, 261,251,156,266,186,319, sludge bomb, shadow ball, confuse ray, will-o-wisp
    GENGAR (3), modest, QC, 261,149,156,394,186,319, psychic, thunderbolt, giga drain, skill swap
    GENGAR (4), modest, lum, 261,149,156,394,186,319, psychic, fire punch, ice punch, destiny bond
    GENGAR (5), modest, lum, 261,149,156,394,186,319, psychic, thunderbolt, fire punch, destiny bond
    GENGAR (5), modest, brightpowder, 261,149,156,394,186,319, psychic, thunderbolt, fire punch, shadowball
    GENGAR, thunderbolt, ice punch, psychic, destiny bond

    GLALIE (1), modest, petaya, 364,176,196,284,196,196, ice beam, crunch, hail, protect
    GLALIE (2), quirky, salac, 301,259,196,196,196,259, explosion, endure, body slam, icy wind
    GLALIE (3), hardy, shell bell, 301,238,196,238,196,238, blizzard, earthquake, double-edge, shadow ball
    GLALIE (4), hardy, leftovers, 343,238,196,238,196,196, ice beam, crunch, earthquake, shadow ball

    GOLEM (1), adamant, QC, 301,350,296,131,229,126, earthquake, body slam, counter, rock tomb
    GOLEM (2), adamant, chesto, 364,350,296,131,166,126, double team, focus punch, substitute, rest
    GOLEM (3), adamant, QC, 301,350,296,131,229,126, explosion, earthquake, flamethrower, brick break
    GOLEM (4), adamant, QC, 301,350,296,131,229,126, explosion, earthquake, rock slide, double-edge

    GOLDUCK (1), quiet, shell bell, 301,263,192,317,196,185, hydro pump, dig, brick break, light screen
    GOLDUCK (2), quirky, lum, 301,242,192,268,196,248, swagger, psych up, cross chop, surf
    GOLDUCK (3), docile, shell bell, 301,263,192,287,196,206, hydro pump, cross chop, protect, blizzard
    GOLDUCK (4), docile, scope lens, 301,263,192,226,196,269, surf, ice beam, cross chop, aerial ace

    GRANBULL (1), adamant, cheri, 384,372,186,140,156,126, mega kick, smellingsalt, thunder wave, roar
    GRANBULL (2), quiet, white herb, 321,276,186,240,219,113, overheat, thunderbolt, ice punch, facade
    GRANBULL (3), adamant, QC, 384,372,186,140,156,126, double-edge, earthquake, sludge bomb, rock slide
    GRANBULL (4), brave, CB, 321,372,186,219,156,113, mega kick, earthquake, crunch, shadow ball

    GYARADOS (1), careful, lum, 394,286,194,140,328,198, frustration, bite, thunder wave, dragon dance
    GYARADOS (2), modest, shell bell, 331,257,194,240,236,261, hydro pump, thunderbolt, blizzard, fire blast
    GYARADOS (3), quirky, QC, 331,349,194,219,236,198, surf, rain dance, thunder, earthquake
    GYARADOS (4), adamant, chesto, 373,314,236,140,278,198, frustration, earthquake, dragon dance, rest

    HARIYAMA (1), adamant, focus band, 471,303,198,104,198,136, cross chop, rock slide, counter, fake out
    HARIYAMA (2), quiet, QC, 429,339,156,196,156,122, cross chop, fire punch, ice punch, thunderpunch
    HARIYAMA (3), adamant, QC, 492,372,156,104,156,136, cross chop, earthquake, rock slide, facade
    HARIYAMA (4), adamant, scope lens, 492,372,156,104,156,136, cross chop, earthquake, rock slide, fake out

    HERACROSS (1), adamant, focus band, 301,383,249,104,226,206, megahorn, brick break, rock tomb, counter
    HERACROSS (2), jolly, lum, 364,286,186,104,226,295, megahorn, earthquake, attract, bulk up
    HERACROSS (3), adamant, brightpowder, 301,383,186,104,226,269, megahorn, earthquake, rock slide, brick break
    HERACROSS (4), adamant, salac, 301,383,186,104,226,269, megahorn, earthquake, endure, reversal

    HOUNDOOM (1), quirky, focus band, 291,258,136,298,196,268, flamethrower, shadow ball, counter, will-o-wisp
    HOUNDOOM (2), modest, lum, 291,194,136,350,196,289, fire blast, crunch, roar, rest
    HOUNDOOM (3), quirky, white herb, 291,279,136,256,196,289, overheat, shadow ball, sludge bomb, double-edge
    HOUNDOOM (4), modest, white herb, 291,194,136,350,196,289, sunny day, solarbeam, overheat, crunch

    HYPNO (1), quiet, twistedspoon, 311,182,239,269,266,152, thunderpunch, fire punch, ice punch, hypnosis
    HYPNO (2), modest, twistedspoon, 311,163,239,200,329,170, hypnosis, dream eater, psychic, nightmare
    HYPNO (3), adamant, lum, 374,269,176,163,266,170, shadow ball, swagger, mega kick, psych up
    HYPNO (4), psychic, ice punch, thunderpunch, fire punch

    JOLTEON (1), modest, cheri, 271,149,156,350,226,359, thunderbolt, thunder wave, attract, protect
    JOLTEON (2), hardy, scope lens, 271,229,156,316,226,296, thunderbolt, dig, double kick, roar
    JOLTEON (3), bold, brightpowder, 313,149,217,256,268,296, thunderbolt, thunder wave, agility, baton pass
    JOLTEON (4), timid, king´s rock, 271,149,156,319,226,394, thunderbolt, thunder wave, bite, shadow ball

    JYNX (1), modest, shell bell, 334,122,106,361,226,226, ice beam, fake out, lovely kiss, attract
    JYNX (2), impish, brightpowder, 334,136,185,239,226,226, perish song, mean look, lovely kiss, protect
    JYNX (3), hardy, QC, 334,136,169,266,226,226, lovely kiss, dream eater, attract, substitute
    JYNX (4), modest, lum, 334,122,106,361,226,226, psychic, ice beam, fake tears, lovely kiss

    KANGASKHAN (1), adamant, focus band, 414,317,196,104,196,216, dizzy punch, brick break, counter, fake out
    KANGASKHAN (2), adamant, lum, 414,317,196,104,196,216, crush claw, shadow ball, attract, rest
    KANGASKHAN (3), jolly, salac, 351,289,196,104,196,306, endure, reversal, thunderbolt, earthquake
    KANGASKHAN (4), adamant, brightpowder, 351,317,196,104,196,279, mega kick, earthquake, aerial ace, shadow ball

    KINGDRA (1), modest, lum, 354,203,226,317,226,206, hydro pump, dragonbreath, icy wind, attract
    KINGDRA (2), modest, chesto, 333,203,268,248,268,206, surf, ice beam, dragonbreath, rest
    KINGDRA (3), adamant, salac, 333, 248,268,203,268,206, endure, flail, dragon dance, hydro pump
    KINGDRA (4), hardy, chesto, 333,226,268,226,268,206, double-edge, ice beam, dragon dance, rest
    KINGDRA (5), dragon dance, double-edge, smokescreen

    LANTURN (1), quiet, cheri, 391,152,215,276,188,152, surf, confuse ray, attract, thunder wave
    LANTURN (2), docile, salac, 391,215,152,251,188,170, endure, flail, thunderbolt, surf
    LANTURN (3), modest, brightpowder, 391,136,152,276,188,233, rain dance, thunder, hydro pump, confuse ray
    LANTURN (4), modest, lum, 391,136,152,276,188,233, surf, thunderbolt, ice beam, confuse ray

    LAPRAS (1), bold, leftovers, 401,185,284,206,289,156, surf, attract, confuse ray, sing
    LAPRAS (2), timid, QC, 401,185,196,269,226,240, surf, ice beam, body slam, roar
    LAPRAS (3), docile, brightpowder, 443,206,238,206,268,156, double-edge, psychic, confuse ray, dragon dance
    LAPRAS (4), modest, lum, 464,185,196,295,226,156, surf, ice beam, thunderbolt, psychic
    LAPRAS (5), calm, leppa, 443,185,238,206,294,156, rest, sleep talk, sheer cold, horn drill
    LAPRAS (5), rain dance, hydro pump, blizzard, thunder
    LAPRAS (5), docile, shell bell, 401,269,196,269,226,156, iron tail, psychic, thunderbolt, double edge

    LATIAS (4), modest, brightpowder, 343,176,258,281,338,256, dragon claw, thunder wave, calm mind, recover
    LATIAS (4), docile, leftovers, 343,238,216,298,296,256, mist ball, shadow ball, charm, reflect
    LATIAS (5), adamant, leftovers, 364,215,279,230,296,256, earthquake, shadow ball, psych up, swagger
    LATIAS (5), modest, shell bell, 336,176,216,350,296,256, mist ball, dragon claw, attract, thunder wave
    LATIAS (5), modest, lum, 336,176,216,350,296,256, psychic, thunderbolt, ice beam, dragon claw
    LATIAS (5), docile, king´s rock, 301,238,216,298,296,298, psychic, shadow ball, earthquake, aerial ace
    LATIAS (5), docile, focus band, 301,259,216,319,296,256, dragon claw, thunderbolt, ice beam, earthquake
    LATIAS (5), docile, QC, 301,259,216,319,296,256, psychic, thunderbolt, ice beam, earthquake

    LATIOS (4),
    LATIOS (5), modest, calm mind, dragon claw, thunderwave
    LATIOS (5), docile, shell bell, 301,279,196,359,256,256, luster purge, dragon claw, shadow ball, thunder wave
    LATIOS (5), docile, focus band, 301,279,196,359,256,256, dragon claw, thunderbolt, ice beam, earthquake
    LATIOS (5), docile, QC, 301,279,196,359,256,256, psychic, thunderbolt, ice beam, earthquake
    LATIOS (5), hardy, shadowball, earthquake, psychic, aerial ace
    LATIOS (5), luster purge, ice beam, thunderbolt
    LATIOS (5), adamant, brightpowder, 364,237,259,266,256,256, earthquake, shadow ball, dragon dance, recover

    LUDICOLO (1), quiet, shell bell, 343,176,218,283,236,158, rain dance, surf, thunderpunch, fire punch
    LUDICOLO (2), modest, shell bell, 364,158,176,306,236,176, surf, ice beam, thunderpunch, fire punch
    LUDICOLO (3), bold, leftovers, 343,158,239,216,278,176, leech seed, rain dance, double team, giga drain
    LUDICOLO (4), bold, leftovers, 343,158,239,216,278,176, leech seed, rain dance, double team, toxic

    MACHAMP (1), adamant, scope lens, 384,394,196,149,206,146, cross chop, rock tomb, counter, scary face
    MACHAMP (2), adamant, chesto, 363,325,238,149,248,146, cross chop, earthquake, bulk up, rest
    MACHAMP (3), hardy, QC, 321,359,196,229,206,146, cross chop, fire blast, thunderpunch, ice punch
    MACHAMP (4), hardy, scope lens, 321,359,196,229,206,146, cross chop, earthquake, rock slide, flamethrower
    MACHAMP (5), adamant, focus band, 384,394,196,149,206,146, revenge, rock slide, facade, counter
    MACHAMP (5), double team, focus punch

    MAGMAR (1), relaxed, rawst, 313,226,211,278,206,199, flamethrower, smokescreen, brick break, barrier
    MAGMAR (2), modest, QC, 271,203,150,328,206,285, fire blast, smokescreen, confuse ray, thunderpunch
    MAGMAR (3), impish, scope lens, 271,289,234,212,206,222, mega kick, cross chop, iron tail, counter
    MAGMAR (4), docile, scope lens, 334,226,213,236,206,222, flamethrower, psychic, cross chop, confuse ray

    MANECTRIC (1), modest, magnet, 281,167,156,339,156,309, thunderbolt, flash, quick attack, roar
    MANECTRIC (2), modest, petaya, 281,167,156,339,156,309, thunder, rain dance, crunch, roar
    MANECTRIC (3), quirky, lum, 281,186,156,309,156,309, thunderbolt, iron tail, thunder wave, roar
    MANECTRIC (4), modest, lum, 281,167,156,339,156,309, thunderbolt, crunch, thunder wave, roar

    MAROWAK (1), adamant, club, 324,284,256,122,196,126, bonemerang, rock slide, icy wind, headbutt
    MAROWAK (2), adamant, club, 261,284,256,122,196,189, earthquake, rock slide, swords dance, icy wind
    MAROWAK (3), adamant, club, 261,284,256,122,196,189, earthquake, rock slide, swords dance, brick break
    MAROWAK (4), adamant, club, 261,284,256,122,196,189, earthquake, rock slide, swords dance, mega kick

    MEDICHAM (1), docile, focus band, 261,219,186,156,186,259, psychic, hi jump kick, calm mind, baton pass
    MEDICHAM (2), hardy, salac, 261,219,186,156,186,259, endure, reversal, psychic, fake out
    MEDICHAM (3), hardy, scope lens, 261,156,186,219,186,259, dynamicpunch, thunderpunch, ice punch, fire punch
    MEDICHAM (4), hardy, lum, 261,219,186,219,186,196, mega kick, psychic, shadow ball, rock slide

    MEGANIUM (1), modest, brightpowder, 364,179,236,291,236,196, sunnybeam, synth., screen
    MEGANIUM (2), calm, leftovers, 343,179,278,202,305,196, leech seed, substitute, double team, grasswhistle
    MEGANIUM (3), jolly, salac, 301,263,236,181,236,284, earthquake, endure, flail, giga drain
    MEGANIUM (4), hardy, brightpowder, 343,242,236,244,236,196, giga drain, earthquake, ancientpower, body slam

    METAGROSS (1), adamant, leftovers, 301,382,296,203,258,218, meteor mash, aerial ace, facade, light screen
    METAGROSS (2), adamant, lum, 343,336,296,203,258,218, meteor mash, earthquake, swagger, psych up
    METAGROSS (3), adamant, chesto, 343,382,296,203,216,218, meteor mash, earthquake, double team, rest
    METAGROSS (4), hardy, QC, 301,369,296,289,216,176, meteor mash, psychic, earthquake, shadow ball
    METAGROSS (5), jolly, QC, 343,348,296,203,216,239, brick break, earthquake, rock slide, explosion
    METAGROSS (5), hardy, brightpowder, 301,369,296,289,216,176, meteor mash, psychic, ice punch, thunderpunch
    METAGROSS (5) ice punch, thunderpunch, aerial ace, earthquake
    METAGROSS (5), meteor mash, explosion

    MILOTIC (1), modest, lum, 373,140,236,305,286,198, hydro pump, icy wind, recover, mirror coat
    MILOTIC (2), modest, focus band, 394,140,194,328,286,198, surf, ice beam, safeguard, mirror coat
    MILOTIC (3), bold, leftovers, 373,140,259,236,328,198, surf, blizzard, attract, recover
    MILOTIC (4), modest, leftovers, 331,140,236,305,328,198, surf, ice beam, recover, mirror coat

    MILTANK (1), careful, focus band, 373,196,288,104,239,236, facade, shadow ball, counter, milk drink
    MILTANK (2), careful, leftovers, 373,238,246,104,239,236, focus punch, shadow ball, attract, thunder wave
    MILTANK (3), adamant, salac, 331,284,246,104,239,236, endure, reversal, earthquake, shadow ball
    MILTANK (4), adamant, lum, 331,284,246,104,239,236, curse, double team, double-edge, milk drink

    MISDREAVUS (1), impish, focus band, 324,156,240,185,206,206, pain split, shadow ball, confuse ray, thunder wave
    MISDREAVUS (2), bold, leftovers, 261,140,240,269,206,206, psychic, attract, thunder wave, confuse ray
    MISDREAVUS (3), bold, brightpowder, 324,140,240,206,206,206, mean look, perish song, thunder wave, confuse ray
    MISDREAVUS (4), timid, lum, 261,140,156,269,206,295, destiny bond, psychic, shadow ball, thunderbolt

    MOLTRES (5), docile, white herb, 321,236,216,349,206,279, sunny day, overheat, swagger, facade
    MOLTRES (5), docile, lum, 321,299,216,349,206,216, flamethrower, aerial ace, mud-slap, roar
    MOLTRES (5), docile, white herb, 321,299,216,349,206,216, aerial ace, protect, double team, overheat
    MOLTRES (5), white herb, overheat, double-edge, steel wing, safeguard
    MOLTRES, fire blast, double team, sunny day

    MR.MIME (1), relaxed, leftovers, 284,126,251,236,276,194, psychic, magical leaf, fake out, reflect
    MR.MIME (2), adamant, liechi, 263,138,208,212,318,216, baton pass, swagger, psych up, psychic
    MR.MIME (3), modest, CB, 284,113,166,328,276,216, trick, torment, psychic, thunderbolt
    MR.MIME (4), modest, brightpowder, 284,113,166,328,276,216, psychic, thunderbolt, ice punch, fire punch

    MUK (1), adamant, poison barb, 414,339,186,149,236,136, sludge bomb, body slam, screech, minimize
    MUK (2), hardy, chesto, 351,309,249,166,236,136, curse, rest, sludge bomb, dynamicpunch
    MUK (3), quiet, lum, 351,246,249,251,236,122, sludge bomb, thunderbolt, flamethrower, ice punch
    MUK (4), brave, QC, 351,339,249,166,236,122, sludge bomb, brick break, giga drain, explosion

    NIDOKING (1), adamant, QC, 366,311,190,185,186,206, horn drill, double kick, body slam, counter
    NIDOKING (2), adamant, shell bell, 366,311,190,185,186,206, mega kick, earthquake, shadow ball, brick break
    NIDOKING (3), modest, leppa, 366,197,190,295,186,206, horn drill, fire blast, blizzard, surf
    NIDOKING (4), docile, lum, 303,283,190,269,186,206, megahorn, sludge bomb, earthquake, thunder

    NIDOQUEEN (1), adamant, focus band, 384,289,210,167,206,188, sludge bomb, double kick, body slam, counter
    NIDOQUEEN (2), adamant, shell bell, 384,289,210,167,206,188, double-edge, earthquake, aerial ace, rock slide
    NIDOQUEEN (3), modest, lum, 384,179,210,273,206,188, thunderbolt, ice beam, thunder, crunch
    NIDOQUEEN (4), adamant, white herb, 384,289,210,167,206,188, superpower, earthquake, sludge bomb, shadow ball

    NINETALES (1), modest, rawst, 287,169,186,287,236,299, flamethrower, roar, confuse ray, will-o-wisp
    NINETALES (2), quirky, lum, 287,188,186,261,236,299, body slam, grudge, sunny day, heat wave
    NINETALES (3), quirky, brightpowder, 287,188,186,261,236,299, fire blast, iron tail, confuse ray, attract
    NINETALES (4), quirky, white herb, 287,188,186,261,236,299, overheat, double-edge, confuse ray, will-o-wisp

    PORYGON2 (1), adamant, leftovers, 376,284,216,221,226,156, tri attack, shadow ball, aerial ace, recover
    PORYGON2 (2), modest, lum, 374,176,216,339,226,156, sunny day, solarbeam, thunder wave, recover
    PORYGON2 (3), modest, lum, 374,176,216,339,226,156, psychic, tri attack, thunder wave, recover
    PORYGON2 (4), modest, brightpowder, 374,176,216,339,226,156, psychic, thunderbolt, ice beam, recover

    QUAGSIRE (1), adamant, focus band, 331,295,206,149,229,106, earthquake, brick break, counter, mud-slap
    QUAGSIRE (2), sassy, leftovers, 331,206,269,166,251,95, curse, attract, yawn, ancientpower
    QUAGSIRE (3), adamant, QC, 331,295,206,149,229,106, earthquake, double-edge, sludge bomb, curse
    QUAGSIRE (4), sassy, leftovers, 331,248,206,208,228,95, surf, earthquake, ice beam, amnesia
    QUAGSIRE, leftovers, curse, yawn, earthquake

    RAICHU (1), modest, brightpowder, 261,194,188,283,196,278, thunderbolt, quick attack, light screen, double team
    RAICHU (2), adamant, lum, 261,306,146,194,196,299, thunderbolt, endure, reversal, agility
    RAICHU (3), docile, cheri, 261,216,146,279,196,299, thunder, rain dance, iron tail, attract
    RAICHU (4), thunderbolt, protect, thunder wave, mega kick

    RAIKOU (4),
    RAIKOU (5), modest, chesto, 384,185,249,292,236,266, thunderbolt, calm mind, substitute, rest
    RAIKOU (5), modest, lum, 321,185,186,361,236,329, thunderbolt, thunder wave, bite, reflect
    RAIKOU (5), modest, brightpowder, 321,185,186,361,236,329, thunderbolt, double-edge, roar, reflect
    RAIKOU, double team, thunder
    RAIKOU, modest, chesto, thunderbolt, calm mind, thunder wave, rest

    RAPIDASH (1), quiet, charcoal, 271,236,176,284,196,278, flamethrower, double kick, quick attack, protect
    RAPIDASH (2), docile, leftovers, 271,278,176,238,196,288, fire blast, bounce, double team, attract
    RAPIDASH (3), modest, white herb, 313,212,176,261,196,288, overheat, solarbeam, sunny day, hypnosis
    RAPIDASH (4), docile, white herb, 271,278,176,238,169,288, overheat, double-edge, iron tail, double kick

    REGICE (4), brave, leftovers, 343,149,278,278,436,122, curse, earthquake, ice beam, counter
    REGICE (5), bold, leftovers, 364,122,328,236,436,136, ice beam, hail, double team, thunder wave
    REGICE (5), modest, chesto, 364,122,236,328,436,136, thunderbolt, ice beam, rest, sleep talk
    REGICE (5), quiet, brightpowder, 364,136,236,328,436,122, thunder, rain dance, blizzard, brick break
    REGICE, amnesia, ice beam, rest, thunder wave
    REGICE (5), modest, chesto berry, 364,122,236,298,436,136, ice beam, thunderbolt, amnesia, rest

    REGIROCK (5), double team, focus punch,
    REGIROCK (5), adamant, brightpowder, 364,259,436,122,299,136, swagger, psych up, rock slide, explosion
    REGIROCK (5), adamant, chesto, 364,259,436,122,299,136, earthquake, rock slide, curse, rest
    REGIROCK (5), adamant, quick claw, 364,328,436,122,236,136, hyper beam, focus punch, rock slide, double team
    REGIROCK (5), counter, rock slide, ?explosion?
    REGIROCK (5), careful, leftovers, 343, 278, 436, 122, 305, 136, rock slide, brick break, double team, thunder wave

    REGISTEEL (5), adamant, QC, 343, 204,378,167,378,136, ancientpower, amnesia, counter, explosion
    REGISTEEL (5), chesto, curse, amnesia, rest, metal claw
    REGISTEEL, substitute, focus punch, double team, toxic
    REGISTEEL (5), brightpowder, ice punch, thunderbolt, earthquake, aerial ace
    REGISTEEL (5), adamant, white herb, 343,204,378,167,378,136, superpower, aerial ace, swagger, psych up
    REGISTEEL (5), leftovers, thunder wave, double team, ancientpower, earthquake

    RHYDON (1), adamant, QC, 393,371,276,113,168,116, earthquake, rock tomb, scary face, brick break
    RHYDON (2), adamant, QC, 351,394,276,113,189,116, earthquake, horn drill, rock slide, brick break
    RHYDON (3), adamant, QC, 414,394,276,113,126,116, earthquake, megahorn, crush claw, horn drill
    RHYDON (4), adamant, QC, 414,394,276,113,126,116, earthquake, megahorn, rock slide, horn drill

    SALAMENCE (1), hardy, king´s rock, 331,369,196,256,196,299, dragon claw, aerial ace, headbutt, rock slide
    SALAMENCE (2), hardy, leftovers, 331,348,196,298,176,278, double-edge, crunch, swagger, protect
    SALAMENCE (3), hardy, salac, 331,369,196,319,196,236, double-edge, earthquake, crunch, endure
    SALAMENCE (4), adamant, brightpowder, 394,405,196,230,196,236,dragon dance, aerial ace, earthquake, double-edge
    SALAMENCE (5), modest, leftovers, 331,275,196,350,196,299, flamethrower, crunch, dragon claw, attract
    SALAMENCE (5), hardy, lum, 373,306,238,256,238,236, headbutt, aerial ace, crunch, dragon dance
    SALAMENCE (5), dragon dance, rock slide
    SALAMENCE (5), lum, flamethrower, brick break

    SCEPTILE (1), modest, leftovers, 281,185,166,339,206,339, leaf blade, leech seed, aerial, detect
    SCEPTILE (2), modest, lum, 281,185,166,339,206,339, leaf blade, thunderpunch, attract, double team
    SCEPTLIE (3), docile, scope lens, 281,248,166,288,206,318, leaf blade, earthquake, crush claw, aerial ace
    SCEPTILE (4), modest, brightpowder, 281,185,166,339,206,339, leaf blade, dragon claw, crunch, thunderpunch

    SCIZOR (1), adamant, focus band, 281,394,236,131,259,166, metal claw, aerial ace, counter, quick attack
    SCIZOR (2), adamant, QC, 281,394,236,131,259,166, silver wind, steel wing, swords dance, ligh screen
    SCIZOR (3), careful, focus band, 281,359,236,131,284,166, endure, reversal, agility, slash
    SCIZOR (4), careful, brightpowder, 344,296,236,131,284,166, swords dance, agility, baton pass, silver wind

    SHIFTRY (1), quiet, miracle seed, 321,236,198,283,198,176, giga drain, faint attack, quick attack, fake out
    SHIFTRY (2), impish, chesto, 321,236,240,194,219,196, leech seed, dig, double team, rest
    SHIFTRY (3), quirky, focus band, 321,299,156,279,156,196, sunny day, solarbeam, synthesis, explosion
    SHIFTRY (4), hardy, focus band, 321,299,156,279,156,196, explosion, giga drain, mega kick, fake out

    SHUCKLE (1), brave, chesto, 181,61,559,56,559,41, rollout, defense curl, rest, sleep talk
    SHUCKLE (2), careful, leftovers, 181,56,559,50,614,46, sandstorm, dig, flash, double team
    SHUCKLE (3), careful, leftovers, 181,56,559,50,614,46, substitute, toxic, attract, double team
    SHUCKLE (4), careful, chesto, 181,56,559,50,614,46, toxic, wrap, double team, rest

    SKARMORY (1), adamant, scope lens, 313,261,316,104,218,176, steel wing, air cutter, counter, agility
    SKARMORY (2), careful, brightpowder, 313,238,316,104,239,176, spikes, roar, drill peck, toxic
    SKARMORY (3), careful, chesto, 334,196,316,104,262,176, curse, rest, toxic, fly
    SKARMORY (4), adamant, QC, 334,284,316,104,176,176, drill peck, steel wing, counter, rock slide

    SLAKING (1), adamant, scope lens, 483,391,278,203,208,236, yawn, bulk up, swagger, aerial ace
    SLAKING (2), adamant, leftovers, 441,391,299,203,229,236, mega kick, shadow ball, yawn, amnesia
    SLAKING (3), admant, CB, 441,391,299,203,229,236, earthquake, shadow ball, aerial ace, brick break
    SLAKING (4), modest, lum, 441,320,236,317,229,236, thunderbolt, ice beam, flamethrower, yawn

    SLOWBRO (1), quiet, shell bell, 394,186,256,259,259,86, surf, rain dance, headbutt, ice punch
    SLOWBRO (2), modest, leftovers, 331,224,256,259,259,96, surf, ice beam, calm mind, yawn
    SLOWBRO (3), quiet, QC, 331,186,256,328,259,86, surf, psychic, shadow ball, attract
    SLOWBRO (4), sassy, QC, 331,186,256,299,284,86, surf, psychic, earthquake, ice beam

    SLOWKING (1), quiet, leftovers, 394,186,259,259,256,86, psychic, brick break, amnesia, attract
    SLOWKING (2), modest, shell bell, 331,167,259,328,256,96, yawn, thunder wave, surf, psychic
    SLOWKING (3), quiet, QC, 331,228,238,305,256,86, psychic, surf, ice beam, earthquake
    SLOWKING (4), modest, QC, 331,167,259,328,256,96, psychic, surf, ice beam, flamethrower

    SNORLAX (1), adamant, leftovers, 461,350,229,149,256,96, facade, shadow ball, attract, double team
    SNORLAX (2), adamant, chesto, 503,281,208,149,298,96, earthquake, rock slide, curse, rest
    SNORLAX (3), adamant, QC, 461,281,229,149,319,96, mega kick, shadow ball, swagger, psych up
    SNORLAX (4), adamant, QC, 461,350,229,149,256,96, double-edge, shadow ball, curse, brick break
    SNORLAX (5), adamant, chesto, 503,281,208,149,298,96, frustration, shadow ball, rest, belly drum
    SNORLAX (5), counter, shadow ball, brick break, earthquake
    SNORLAX (5), return, shadowball

    STARMIE (1), modest, shell bell, 324,167,206,328,206,266, psychic, confuse ray, thunder wave, recover
    STARMIE (2), modest, shell bell, 303,167,248,259,248,266, rain dance, hydro pump, thunder, recover
    STARMIE (3), modest, lum, 261,167,206,328,206,329, surf, psychic, thunderbolt, ice beam
    STARMIE (4), modest, lum, 261,167,206,328,206,329, psychic, thunderbolt, ice beam, recover
    STARMIE (5), modest, lum, cosmic power, psychic, ice beam, recover
    STARMIE (5), modest, lum, cosmic power, surf, thunderbolt, recover
    STARMIE (5), leftovers, surf, thunder wave, confuse ray

    STEELIX (1), adamant, sitrus, 291,295,436,131,229,96, earthquake, dragonbreath, rock tomb, roar
    STEELIX (2), hardy, leftovers, 291,269,436,146,229,96, earthquake, dragonbreath, sandstorm, block
    STEELIX (3), adamant, 291,295,436,131,229,96, earthquake, body slam, rock slide, explosion
    STEELIX (4), adamant, QC, 291,295,436,131,229,96, earthquake, iron tail, double-edge, explosion

    SUICUNE (4),
    SUICUNE (5), calm, leftovers, 383,176,308,216,338,206, toxic, dive, double team, protect
    SUICUNE (5), modest, lum, 404,167,266,306,266,206, calm mind, surf, ice beam, icy wind
    SUICUNE (5), modest, chesto, 383,167,308,237,308,236, calm mind, surf, ice beam, rest
    SUICUNE (5), modest, brightpowder, 341,167,266,306,266,269, surf, ice beam, bite, reflect
    SUICUNE (5), modest, chesto, 341,167,266,306,266,269, surf, double team, calm mind, rest

    SWAMPERT (1), adamant, lum, 383,281,258,185,258,156, earthquake, counter, curse, rest
    SWAMPERT (2), docile, QC, 383, 256,258,206,258,156, surf, earthquake, counter, mirror coat
    SWAMPERT (3), brave, shell bell, 341,350,216,269,216,140, surf, ice beam, earthquake, counter
    SWAMPERT (4), quiet, shell bell, 341,319,216,295,216,140, surf, ice beam, earthquake, mirror coat

    TAUROS (1), adamant, persim, 291,328,226,104,176,319, earthquake, thrash, swagger, facade
    TAUROS (2), adamant, chesto, 354,328,226,104,176,256, double-edge, earthquake, double team, rest
    TAUROS (3), docile, leftovers, 291,299,226,179,176,256, double-edge, earthquake, flamethrower, ice beam
    TAUROS (4), docile, brightpowder, 291,299,226,179,176,256, double-edge, rock tomb, surf, thunderbolt

    TENTACRUEL (1), impish, persim, 301,239,251,176,276,236, sludge bomb, icy wind, barrier, confuse ray
    TENTACRUEL (2), hardy, leftovers, 343,176,208,238,276,236, toxic, giga drain, confuse ray, surf
    TENTACRUEL (3), modest, shell bell, 301,158,208,261,276,278, surf, giga drain, ice beam, mirror coat
    TENTACRUEL (4), quirky, shell bell, 301,218,208,238,276,236, hydro pump, sludge bomb, ice beam, mirror coat

    TYPHLOSION (1), modest, focus band, 297,183,192,348,206,299, sunny day, fire blast, smokescreen, roar
    TYPHLOSION (2), hardy, scope lens, 297,246,192,296,206,278, flamethrower, thunderpunch, aerial ace, rock slide
    TYPHLOSION (3), adamant, salac, 297,293,192,228,206,299, earthquake, overheat, endure, reversal
    TYPHLOSION (4), hardy, white herb, 297,246,192,296,206,278, overheat, earthquake, thunderpunch, crush claw

    TYRANITAR (4), hardy, brightpowder, 341,367,256,289,236,158, earthquake, aerial ace, thunderbolt, surf
    TYRANITAR (5), hardy, brightpowder, 341,367,256,289,236,158, earthquake, rock slide, crunch, thunderbolt
    TYRANITAR (5), adamant, lum, 383,334,298,203,278,158, dragon dance, thunder wave, rock slide, rest
    TYRANITAR (5), adamant, chesto, 383,334,298,203,278,158, earthquake, rock slide, curse, rest
    TYRANITAR (5), modest, QC, 404,273,256,317,236,158, crunch, thunderbolt, ice beam, flamethrower
    TYRANITAR (5), adamant, focus band, 383,334,298,203,278,158, earthquake, rock slide, counter, dragon dance
    TYRANITAR (5), quick claw, curse, rock slide, brick break
    TYRANITAR (5), hardy, quick claw, 341,367,256,289,236,158, crunch, aerial ace, earthquake, attract
    TYRANITAR, chesto, rock slide, earthquake, dragon dance, rest

    UMBREON (1), bold, brightpowder, 373,149,327,156,338,166, confuse ray, faint attack, double team, baton pass
    UMBREON (2), adamant, leftovers, 373,228,256,140,338,166, curse, screech, double team, double-edge
    UMBREON (3), bold, brightpowder, 373,149,327,156,338,166, swagger, psych up, attract, shadow ball
    UMBREON (4), bold, leftovers, 373,149,327,156,338,166, double team, toxic, confuse ray, faint attack

    URSARING (1), docile, QC, 363,338,186,228,186,146, mega kick, crunch, aerial ace, counter
    URSARING (2), adamant, QC, 384,394,186,167,186,146, double-edge, earthquake, brick break, counter
    URSARING (3), modest, lum, 363,266,186,250,186,188, thunderpunch, fire punch, ice punch, crunch
    URSARING (4), adamant, brightpowder, 384,394,186,167,186,146, double-edge, earthquake, rock slide, aerial ace
    URSARING (5), docile, QC, 363,338,186,228,186,146, facade, earthquake, crunch, bulk up

    VAPOREON (1), modest, mystic water, 401,149,198,327,268,166, surf, roar, bite, quick attack
    VAPOREON (2), docile, shell bell, 443,166,198,256,268,166, surf, ice beam, body slam, shadow ball
    VAPOREON (3), calm, QC, 443,149,198,256,294,166, surf, ice beam, acid armor, baton pass
    VAPOREON (4), calm, lum, 443,149,156,298,294,166, surf, ice beam, acid armor, rest

    VENUSAUR (1), quiet, chesto, 364,200,202,328,236,176, giga drain, sunny day, synthesis, sleep powder
    VENUSAUR (2), bold, brightpowder, 343,179,268,236,278,196, leech seed, giga drain, double team, light screen
    VENUSAUR (3), adamant, scope lens, 301,266,244,212,278,196, double-edge, sludge bomb, earthquake, sleep powder
    VENUSAUR (4), docile, lum, 301,242,202,278,278,196, sunny day, solarbeam, earthquake, sludge bomb

    VICTREEBEL (1), quiet, sitrus, 301,246,229,259,219,158, giga drain, sleep powder, sweet scent, synthesis
    VICTREEBEL (2), serious, leftovers, 301,309,166,299,156,176, giga drain, sludge bomb, sleep powder, attract
    VICTREEBEL (3), quirky, brightpowder, 301,309,166,299,156,176, stun spore, ingrain, giga drain, sludge bomb
    VICTREEBEL (4), quirky, brightpowder, 301,309,166,299,156,176, giga drain, double-edge, sludge bomb, synthesis

    VILEPLUME (1), impish, persim, 354,259,226,212,216,136, sludge bomb, petal dance, moonlight, aromatherapy
    VILEPLUME (2), bold, brightpowder, 333,176,272,236,258,136, double team, toxic, giga drain, ingrain
    VILEPLUME (3), quirky, leftovers, 291,259,206,299,216,136, attract, stun spore, sludge bomb, giga drain
    VILEPLUME (4), quiet, QC, 291,259,206,328,216,122, sunny day, solarbeam, sludge bomb, synthesis

    WAILORD (1), sassy, shell bell, 523,216,168,216,184,140, surf, icy wind, body slam, roar
    WAILORD (2), adamant, chesto, 523,237,168,194,168,156, double-edge, rest, curse, amnesia
    WAILORD (3), modest, chesto, 523,194,168,237,168,156, hydro pump, fissure, double team, rest
    WAILORD (4), hardy, QC, 523,216,168,216,168,156, surf, ice beam, earthquake, fissure

    WALREIN (1), quiet, leftovers, 403,196,258,248,258,149, blizzard, hail, yawn, protect
    WALREIN (2), quirky, focus band, 403,196,258,226,258,166, earthquake, ice beam, curse, double team
    WALREIN (3), hardy, QC, 403,196,258,226,258,166, sheer cold, fissure, surf, attract
    WALREIN (4), quiet, brightpowder, 361,259,216,317,216,149, surf, ice beam, earthquake, sheer cold

    WEEZING (1), adamant, brightpowder, 334,306,276,185,176,156, sludge bomb,will-o-wisp, shadow ball,smokescreen
    WEEZING (2), adamant, sitrus, 334,306,276,185,176,156, sludge bomb, memento, facade, destiny bond
    WEEZING (3), quirky, focus band, 271,279,276,269,176,156, explosion, sludge bomb, flamethrower, thunderbolt
    WEEZING (4), adamant, focus band, 334,306,276,185,176,156, explosion, sludge bomb, frustration, shadow ball

    WHISCASH (1), adamant, chesto, 424,280,182,169,178,156, earthquake, rock slide, amnesia, rest
    WHISCASH (2), hardy, shell bell, 361,255,182,251,178,156, spark, earthquake, surf, future sight
    WHISCASH (3), hardy, chesto, 361,192,245,188,241,156, rest, sleep talk, surf, fissure
    WHISCASH (4), quiet, QC, 361,255,182,276,178,140, fissure, surf, earthquake, ice beam

    XATU (1), hardy, sharp beak, 313,228,176,268,176,226, drill peck, night shade, wish, future sight
    XATU (2), impish, leftovers, 313,186,239,203,218,226, fly, toxic, confuse ray, attract
    XATU (3), jolly, king´s rock, 271,228,176,241,176,294, drill peck, psychic, giga drain, steel wing
    XATU (4), docile, petaya, 271,249,176,289,176,226, psychic, drill peck, shadow ball, confuse ray

    ZAPDOS (5), docile, scope lens, 321,279,206,349,216,236, thunderbolt, drill peck, double-edge, thunder wave
    ZAPDOS (5), docile, shell bell, 321,279,206,349,216,236, thunderbolt, drill peck, thunder wave, light screen
    ZAPDOS (5), modest, thunder, rain dance, double team
    ZAPDOS (5), thunder, double-edge, drill peck, rain dance
    ZAPDOS (5), docile, thunderbolt, drill peck, thunder wave, roar

    by Peterko
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  2. Mizuumi


    Aug 7, 2006
    Wow. You must have a LOT of free time on your hands...
  3. Jumpman16

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    Dec 19, 2004
    Oh, for the love of God, shut up. This is exactly the kind of effort that Smogon is looking for, and for this to be the only reply in this amazing thread actually kind of pisses me off.

    If it's not clear to you and anyone else who shares both this sentiment and at the same time wonders "how u become mod????????", it's selfless contribution to Smogon like this and maturity that win us over, not self-important one-liners in RMTs and threads like this.

    I'm stickying this, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who reads this forum.
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  4. CZ


    Jun 30, 2006
    Ive acutally searched all over for a list like this. Thank You.
  5. Dan Dan

    Dan Dan

    Jan 1, 2005
    Damn it I was in the middle of compiling a Battle Factory Moveset thing... ah well *deletes*

    Good job, I will definately use this next time I play Emerald =]
  6. Okashi


    Sep 5, 2006
    I don't play ingame, but this looks like a really well compiled list. If I ever do decide to play someday, I will definantly be using this. Well done.
  7. Discord


    Jul 24, 2006
    this is a fucking awesome list. Now I know why my Starmie's outspeeding Dactyl, and Sceppy, and oh shit, Zam runs full S.Atk?!
  8. Tazzler


    Aug 15, 2005
    Great work, peterko. A+ thread.

    Just a little bit neater would really make the guide shine, but awesome work nevertheless.
  9. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
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    Sep 20, 2005
    thanx guys

    by the way, if someone ever plays factory, wins at least 35 (open level) in a row and "accidentally" looks at this list and doesn´t find the moveset (mostly legends), feel free to post it here, it would help complete this database

    Dan Dan - here is what I ´ve got from lv.50 (the set 1-7 is missing only 1-2 pkmn), have fun finishing this (I swear I´m not going to do this anymore lol) -> needs recalculating max stats after you find out which of the 2 EV spreads the pkmn has

    ->this creates even a larger mess than the first post alone...shall I delete the rest? or press it together? or press it into the first post? I don´t like to post heavily incomplete stuff

    1-7 is a unique set of pkmn (I think 96, like in open lv.)
    8-14 consists of set 1-7 pkmn and other pkmn
    15-21 also a whole new set of pkmn
    22-28 as said in the huge first post are the same pkmn as 1-7 in open level

    special thanks to SubStandardDeviation who posted many of these level 50 sets

    AIPOM (1), relaxed, silk scarf, 148, 108, 67, 46, 61, 81, fury swipes, sand-attack, BP, agility
    ANORITH (1), hardy, lens, 138,133,56,46,56,81, metal claw, fury cutter, AP, water gun
    ARIADOS (1), serious, lax incense, 163,128,76,66,66,46, signal beam, spider web, night shade, toxic
    ARON (1), docile, persim, 143,108,106,46,46,36, meta claw, AA, metal sound, roar
    AZUMARILL (1), docile, sitrus, 161,56,118,56,118,56, bubblebeam, facade, dig, protect

    BAYLEEF (1), docile, powder, 153,68,86,101,86,66, razor leaf, toxic, safeguard, light screen
    BEAUTIFLY (1), docile, mental herb, 153,76,56,96,56,103, silver wind, mega drain, attract, whirlwind
    BEEDRILL (1), naughty, lens, 126,129,46,51,77,113, twineedle, pursuit, endeavour, agility
    BUTTERFREE (1), butterfree, pecha, 153, 51, 56, 118, 86, 76, silver wind, psybeam, toxic, whirlwind

    CACNEA (1), quirky, sitrus, 143,123,46,91,46,41, needle arm, faint attack, cotton spore, sand-attack
    CHARMELEON (1), naughty, lens, 151,112,64,86,63,86, slash, fire spin, swords dance, AA
    CHINCHOU (1), hardy, lax incense, 136,76,44,94,62,73, spark, dive, c-ray, take down
    CLAMPERL (1), docile, deepseescale, 117,70,112,80,82,38, dive, toxic, iron defense, DT
    COMBUSKEN (1), docile, lens, 121,123,66,123,66,61, ember, double kick, QA, sand attack
    CORSOLA (1), impish, sitrus, 137,61,123,63,112,41, bubblebeam, mirror coat, attract, AP
    CROCONAW (1), docile, lens, 126,118,86,97,69,64, slash, water pulse, bite, scary face

    DELCATTY (1), lonely, sitrus, 163,113,63,61,61,76, secret power, faint attack, DT, heal bell
    DELIBIRD (1), docile, nevermeltice, 138,61,51,103,51,81, present, ice ball, AA, hail
    DROWZEE (1), quirky, sitrus, 142,75,51,70,96,48, confusion, headbutt, disable, barrier
    DUSTOX (1), docile, silverpowder, 153,56,76,56,86,103, silver wind, toxic, psybeam, whirlwind

    EEVEE (1), docile, salac, 148,61,56,51,71,93, charm, attract, endure, flail
    ELEKID (1), naive, cheri, 138,69,43,103,54,111, t-punch, QA, swift, light screen
    EXEGGCUTE (1), naughty, persim, 153,50,86,98,45,46, confusion, AP, leech seed, light screen
    FARFETCH´D (1), relaxed, stick, 134,71,90,64,89,59, slash, knock off, SD, agility
    FLAFFY (1), mild, magnet, 163,61,54,129,66,51, shock wave, t-wave, cotton spore, light screen
    FURRET (1), serious, liechi, 146,82,102,51,93,96, slam, protect, helping hand, follow me

    GRAVELER (1), adamant, focus band, 137,134,121,45,72,41, magnitude, rock throw, defense curl, BB
    GLOOM (1), quirky, persim, 153,71,76,123,81,46, petal dance, acid, stun spore, moonlight
    GRIMER (1), quirky, pecha, 162,86,77,46,77,31, sludge, rock tomb, acid armor, minimize
    GROVYLE (1), relaxed, powder, 143,103,56,91,71,90, fury cutter, endeavor, BB, DT
    GROWLITHE (1), docile, rawst, 148,76,51,108,56,66, flame wheel, bite, roar, agility

    HAUNTER (1), rash, persim, 138,88,51,133,54,101, shadow punch, c-ray, spite, grudge
    HOUNDOUR (1), docile, charcoal, 138,66,36,118,56,71, crunch, ember, roar, protect
    IVYSAUR (1), gentle, persim, 153,68,62,118,94,66, petal dance, growth, sweet scent, fury cutter
    ILLUMISE (1), quirky, liechi, 158,85,61,79,81,91, silver wind, wish, QA, helping hand

    KABUTO (1), hardy, sitrus, 91,118,96,93,51,61, mega drain, AP, sand-attack, protect
    KADABRA (1), impish, twistedspoon, 133,41,74,113,76,111, confusion, role play, future sight, disable
    KOFFING (1), quirky, psn barb, 133,103,101,66,51,41, sludge, smokescreen, torment, haze
    KRABBY (1), hardy, focus band, 123,143,96,31,31,56, crabhammer, mud shot, flail, knock off

    LEDIAN (1), bashful, focus band, 116,73,56,61,116,123, comet punch, baton pass, swords dance, agility
    LICKITUNG (1), quirky, sitrus, 183,93,81,66,81,36, slam, BB, lick, mud slap
    LILEEP (1), docile, lax incense, 159,79,83,67,93,29, AP, acid, ingrain, c-ray
    LOMBRE (1), quirky, lax incense, 153,88,56,66,76,56, water pulse, fake out, BB, absorb
    LOUDRED (1), relaxed, focus band, 177,109,53,77,49,48, stomp, howl, astonish, supersonic
    LUVDISC (1), relaxed, QC, 136,36,67,78,71,92, sweet kiss, attract, dive, rain dance

    MACHOKE (1), adamant, focus band, 173,116,76,50,98,51, low kick, rock tomb, foresight, scary face
    MAGBY (1), docile, lax incense, 138,81,43,108,61,89, fire punch, smokescreen, c-ray, smog
    MAGCARGO (1), gentle, lax incense, 143,56,113,86,129,36, slide, ember, acid armor, sandstorm
    MARSHTOMP (1), hardy, focus band, 131,123,76,98,76,56, mud shot, water gun, rock tomb, mud-slap
    MASQUERAIN (1), relaxed, cheri, 131,98,110,86,88,59, silver wind, AA, icy wind, stun spore
    MAWILE (1), docile, powder, 143,91,91,93,61,56, crunch, fake tears, iron defense, baton pass
    MINUN (1), docile, salac, 153,46,88,81,91,101, spark, charm, encore, helping hand
    MURKROW (1), quirky, lax incense, 142,91,69,91,69,97, faint attack, fly, torment, taunt

    NIDORINA (1), quirky, focus band, 163,100,73,61,61,62, double kick, bite, AA, flatter
    NIDORINO (1), quirky, focus band, 154,110,63,61,61,71, double kick, water pulse, mud-slap, flatter
    NOSEPASS (1), sassy, hard stone, 123,51,141,51,140,32, slide, shock wave, t-wave, sandstorm
    NUZLEAF (1), hardy, sitrus, 163,76,46,98,46,66, extrasensory, fake out, razor wind, faint attack
    OMANYTE (1), quirky, sitrus, 117,67,106,117,61,41, mud shot, water gun, AP, tickle
    ONIX (1), hardy, sitrus, 117,51,187,36,72,76, slide, bind, dragonbreath, sandstorm

    PARASECT (1), rash, sitrus, 121,101,118,72,106,36, slash, psybeam, stun spore, flash
    PHANPY (1), naughty, lax incense, 183,107,66,46,41,46, rollout, defense, curl, rock tomb, sandstorm
    PIDGEOTTO (1), quirky, white herb, 156,98,61,56,56,77, AA, QA, featherdance, sand-attack
    PLUSLE (1), docile, petaya, 153,56,78,91,81,101, spark, fake tears, QA, helping hand
    POLIWHIRL (1), quirky, petaya, 158,71,71,88,56,96, water pulse, doubleslap, icy wind, rain dance
    PONYTA (1), hardy, rawst, 143,123,61,71,71,96, fire spin, bounce, QA, tail whip
    PORYGON (1), relaxed, sitrus, 158,66,83,123,81,41, psybeam, icy wind, recycle, agility
    PUPITAR (1), hardy, soft sand, 163,90,76,71,76,89, dig, bite, scray face, sandstorm

    QUILAVA (1), docile, focus band, 151,70,64,118,71,86, flame wheel, fury swipes, swift, smokescreen
    RATICATE, naive, silk scarf, 137,108,66,56,68,136, endeavor, pursuit, scary face, QA
    RHYHORN (1), hardy, focus band, 173,123,101,36,36,31, rock blast, dig, scary face, roar
    ROSELIA (1), docile, pecha, 143,66,83,106,86,71, magical leaf, toxic, grasswhistle, cotton spore

    SABLEYE (1), lonely, blackglasses, 143,124,72,71,71,56, faint attack, c-.ray, knock off, fake out
    SEALEO (1), persim, 172,66,97,81,97,51, ice ball, hail, snore, rest
    SKIPLOOM (1), docile, persim, 148,51,56,83,71,86, mega drain, confusion, cotton spore, synthesis
    SPINDA (1), relaxed, sitrus, 153,98,72,66,66,59, dizzy punch, teeter dance, psybeam, faint attack
    SPOINK (1), relaxed, sitrus, 153,31,45,108,86,59, psywave, bounce, magic coat, c-ray
    STARYU (1), quirky, shell bell, 123,51,61,108,61,91, bubblebeam, minimize, swift, light screen
    SUDOWOODO (1), hardy, hard stone, 163,106,121,36,103,36, slide, faint attack, sandstorm, block

    TEDDIURSA (1), relaxed, chesto, 153,118,61,56,56,41, secret power, fake tears, faint attack, rest
    TENTACOOL (1), hardy, pecha, 122,67,41,77,106,76, bubblebeam, acid, barrier, wrap
    TOGETIC (1), relaxed, lax incense, 148,46,135,86,111,41, AA, magical leaf, wish, follow me

    VIBRAVA (1), quirky, cheri, 143,108,56,56,56,76, dragonbreath, dig, screech, rock tomb
    VOLBEAT (1), quirky, liechi, 126,111,61,53,81,123, silver wind, c-ray, QA, helping hand
    VOLTORB (1), docile, lax incense, 133,36,56,93,61,106, spark, screech, rollout, light screen
    VULPIX (1),

    WAILMER (1), docile, lax incense, 191,76,73,76,73,66, whirlpool, roar, defense curl, rollout
    WARTORTLE (1), docile, focus band, 152,69,86,103,86,64, water pulse, bite, mud-slap, yawn
    WEEPINBELL (1), quiet, lens, 158,96,56,135,51,54, razor leaf, acid, wrap, sweet scent
    WOBBUFFET (1), careful, focus band, 272,39,85,35,93,39, counter, mirror coat, charm, safeguard
    YANMA (1), relaxed, lax incense, 126,71,91,81,83,90, signal beam , AA, DT, detect

    Absol (2), adamant, brightpowder, bite, razor wind, future sight, quick attack
    ARBOK (2), adamant, persim, poison fang, dig, bite, glare
    BANETTER (2), sassy, rawst, night shade, will-o-wisp, spite, Knock Off
    BELLOSSOM (2), quiet, persim, petal dance, safeguard, sunny day, synthesis

    CACTURNE (2), hasty, scope lens, 163,121,59,121,66,102, needle arm, faint attack, acid, mega punch
    CAMERUPT (2), quirky, focus band, magnitude, protect, sandstorm, rock slide
    CASTFORM (2), hasty, petaya, 164,78,70,109,78,85, water pulse, shock wave, icy wind, ember
    CHANSEY (2), sitrus, refresh, metronome, minimize, defense curl
    CHIMECHO (2), sassy, twisted spoon, 159,58,78,134,96,65, psywave, bodycheck, heal bell, safeguard
    CLOYSTER (2), spike cannon, protect, supersonic, aurora beam
    CRAWDAUNT (2), adamant, quick claw, bubblebeam, knock off, vicegrip, protect
    CROCONAW (1)

    DELCATTY (1)
    DRAGONAIR (2), docile, cheri, 155,92,73,78,109,78, dragonbreath, leer, wrap, safeguard
    DUNSPARCE (2), docile, lax incense, headbutt, glare, defense curl, rollout
    FURRET (1),

    GIRAFARIG (2), quiet, petaya, psybeam, stomp, wish, skill swap
    GOLBAT, (2), scope lens, steel wing, air cutter
    GLIGAR (2), hasty, scope lens, 159,83,101,43,104,102, metal claw, dig, AA, QA
    GOREBYSS (2), brave, persim, whirlpool, amnesia, icy wind, confusion
    GROVYLE (1)
    GRUMPIG (2), relaxed, petaya, psybeam, confuse ray, future sight, magic coat

    HAUNTER (1)
    HITMONCHAN (2), adamant, king´s rock, mach punch, sky uppercut, detect, counter
    HITMONLEE (2),
    HITMONTOP (2), hardy, liechi, triple kick, dig, mach punch, quick attack
    HUNTAIL (2), quiet, persim, whirlpool, scary face, mud-slap, bite
    ILLUMISE (1)
    JUMPLUFF (2), swagger, psych up, aerial ace, synthesis

    KABUTOPS (2), adamant, scope lens, slash, dig, fury cutter, knock off
    KECLEON (2), naive, focus band, secret power, psybeam, magic coat, seismic toss
    KINGLER (2), hardy, scope lens, crabhammer, metal claw, mud shot, protect
    LAIRON (2), sassy, metal coat, 154,98,148,58,97,43, metal claw, rock tomb, iron defense, protect
    LICKITUNG (1), adamant, white herb, secret power, sand-attack, covet, tickle
    LUNATONE (2), quiet, sitrus, confuson, cosmic power, light screen, sandstorm

    MAGNETON (2), lonely, cheri, shock wave, sonicboom, thunder wave, supersonic
    MANTINE (2), docile, mystic water, bubblebeam, aerial ace, rain dance, icy wind
    METANG (2), hardy, focus band, metal claw, confusion, pursuit, scary face
    MIGHTYENA (2), timid, mental herb, bite, poison fang, taunt, roar
    MINUN (1)
    MURKROW (1),

    NINJASK (2), mild, petaya, baton pass, swords dance, endure, dig
    NOCTOWL (2), confusion, faint attack,
    OCTILLERY (2), hardy, shell bell, 145,152,90,152,90,60, octazooka rock blast, aurora beam, psybeam
    OMASTAR (2), quirky, shell bell, 164,68,133,154,78,63, bubblebeam, spike cannon, tickle, AP

    PELIPPER (2) quiet, sitrus, water pulse, aerial ace, stockpile, swallow
    PERSIAN (2), quirky, silk scarf, 149,78,89,73,94,123, torment, slash, fake out, swagger
    PIDGEOT (2), hardy, sharp beak, aerial ace, featherdance, mud-slap, faint attack
    PILOSWINE (2), quirky, soft sand, 194,139,88,68,68,58, dig, AP, hail, light screen
    PINSIR (2), naughty, black belt, 159,180,108,63,70,93, submission, SD, revenge, focus energy
    POLITOED (2), relaxed, shell bell, 153,83,125,98,139,70, dive, dig, hypnosis, swagger
    PONYTA (1)
    PRIMEAPE (2), quirky, scope lens, karate chop, counter, swagger, screech

    QUILAVA (1),
    QWILFISH (2), impish, cheri, bubblebeam, spikes, pin missile, minimize
    RATICATE (1)
    RELICANTH (2), sassy, liechi, 184,98,138,74,103,56, ap, water pulse, harden, amnesia
    ROSELIA (1),

    SANDSLASH (2), adamant, sitrus, crush claw, rock slide, swift, sandstorm
    SCYTHER (2), relaxed, liechi, fury cutter, aerial ace, light scree, double team
    SEADRA (2), sassy, mystic water, aurora beam, smokescreen, water gun, rain dance
    SEAKING (2), docile, sitrus, water pulse, psybeam, swift, agility
    SEVIPER (2), hardy, scope lens, poison tail, bite glare, screech
    SHARPEDO (2), adamant, scope lens, slash, bite, water pulse, scary face
    SHELGON (2), hardy, chero, headbutt, dragonbreath, protect, scary face
    SNEASEL (2), relaxed, persim, fake out, quick attack, faint attack, icy wind
    SOLROCK (2), quiet, sitrus, confusion, fire spin, light screen, sandstorm
    STANTLER (2), gentle, twistedspoon, 175,110,69,132,88,100, extrasensory, stomp, c-ray, sand attack
    SUNFLORA (2), quirky, persim, petal dance, ingrain, leech seed, light screen
    SWALOT (2), quirky, lax incense, swallow, stockpile, sludge, spit up
    SWELLOW (2), adamant, king´s rock, facade, quick attack, fly, endeavor

    TANGELA (2), hardy, lax incense, mega drain, slam, toxic, bind
    TOGETIC (1),
    TORKOAL (2), relaxed, sitrus, ember, fire spin, smokescreen, amnesia
    TROPIUS (2), hardy, sitrus, 193,107,91,80,95,59, magical leaf, whirlwind, AA, steel wing

    VOLBEAT (1)
    VIGOROTH (2), lonely, focus band, slash, counter, encore, uproar
    WIGGLYTUFF (2), relaxed, silk scarf, 203,78,92,83,89,47, sing, disable, wish, secret power
    ZANGOOSE (2), hardy, persim, 167,154,68,68,68,98, slash, double kick, roar, QA

    ABSOL (3), adamant, choice band, double-edge, shadow ball, aerial ace, iron tail
    AZUMARILL (3), adamant, shell bell, mega kick, brick break, iron tail, dig
    BANETTE (3), shadow ball, frustration, WoW
    BAYLEEF (3), docile, chesto, grasswhistle, giga drain, body slam, rest
    BELLOSSOM (3), modest, powder, 139,80,126,144,109,59, solarbeam, attract, sunny day, synthesis

    CACTURNE (3), hardy, persim, 134,124,101,124,101,64, mega kick, teeter dance, faint attack, sandstorm
    CAMERUPT (3), eruption, quake,
    CASTFORM (3), thunderbolt, ice beam, water pulse
    CHANSEY (3), relaxed, leftovers, seismic toss, shadow ball, double team
    CHIMECHO (3), quiet, twistedspoon, 150,59,100,114,110,66, psychic, hypnoeater, heal bell
    CLOYSTER (3), tower lv.100, calm, leftovers, 283,203,438,176,206,184, dive, toxic, double team, protect
    COMBUSKEN (3), docile, lens, 130,121,75,121,75,91, slash, thrower, sky uppercut, sand attack
    CRAWDAUNT (3), adamant, QC, 159,141,94,89,96,64, guillotine, frustration, AP, AA
    CROCONAW (3), adamant, focus band, mega kick, aerial ace, rock slide, dig

    DELCATTY (3), modest, QC, 134,66,74,105,64,111, fake tears, sing, boltbeam
    DRAGONAIR (3), adamant, chesto, 157,102,74,71,111,79, frustration, rest, t-wave, dragon dance
    DUNSPARCE (3), quiet, lax incense, 164,79,111,81,106,48, ice beam, rock tomb, bite, shadow ball
    FURRET (3), adamant, choice band, trick, frustration, shadow ball, follow me

    GIRAFARIG (3), modest, lum, psychic, crunch, agility, baton pass
    GLIGAR (3), adamant, QC, earthquake, aerial ace, screech, guillotine
    GLOOM (3), quirky, pecha, solarbeam, sunny day, sludge bomb, moonlight
    GOLBAT (3), adamant, scope lens, sludge bomb, shadow ball, confuse ray, air cutter
    GRAVELER (3), adamant, focus band, 151,114,124,48,86,44, quake, slide, BB, counter
    GROVYLE (3), docile, lum, 114,106,54,94,74,136, giga drain, crush claw, screech, rock tomb
    GRUMPIG (3), modest, lum, 141,45,103,140,116,86, psychic, ice, thunder, fire punch

    HAUNTER (3), relaxed, lum, psychic, hypnosis, nightmare, confuse ray
    HITMONCHAN (3), adamant, king´s rock, dynamicpunch, detect, mach punch, counter
    HITMONLEE (3),
    HITMONTOP (3), adamant, focus band, 146,114,136,39,119,79, DE, siesmic toss, slide, counter
    HUNTAIL (3), quiet, shell bell, surf, rain dance, crunch, body slam
    ILLUMISE (3), quirky, petaya, 129,56,64,114,84,126, silver wind, bolt, ice punch, giga drain
    IVYSAUR (3), quirky, brightpowder, giga drain, sludge bomb, sleep powder, leech seed

    KADABRA (3), twistedspoon, psychic, thunder wave, reflect, recover
    KECLEON (3), choice band, trick, skill swap, brick break
    KINGLER (3), salac, rock tomb, guillotine, endure, flail
    LAIRON (3), sassy, sitrus, earthquake, iron tail, roar, protect
    LICKITUNG (3), adamant, cheri, earthquake, body slam, shadow ball, rock slide
    LINOONE (3), jolly, CB, trick, frustration, thunder wave, sand attack
    LUNATONE (3), quiet, lax incense, psychic, ice beam, cosmic power, calm mind

    MAGCARGO (3), quiet, QC, overheat, earthquake, rock slide, body slam
    MAGNETON (3), hardy, lum, thunder, rain dance, thunder wave, metal sound
    MANTINE (3), shell bell, c-ray, ice beam, rain dance
    MASQUERAIN (3), hydro pump
    MARSHTOMP (3), docile, focus band, muddy water, earhtquake, mud-slap, protect
    METANG (3), quirky, focus band, meteor mash, psychic, body slam, scary face
    MIGHTYENA (3), quirky, king´s rock, crunch, shadow ball, scary face, frustration
    MINUN (3), docile, salac, 124,49,59,116,94,136, bolt, attract, charm, wish
    MURKROW (3), quirky, brightpowder, perish song, mean look, double team, thuder wave

    NINJASK (3), quirky, focus band, slash, shadow ball, swords dance, baton pass
    NOCTOWL (3), quiet, persim, psychic, faint attack, aerial ace, reflect
    OCTILLERY (3), thunder wave, mud-slap, fire blast, octazooka
    OMASTAR (3), sitrus, ice beam, rain dance, protect, hydro pump

    PELIPPER (3), quiet, shell bell, surf, protect, aerial ace, blizzard
    PERSIAN (3), quirky, silk scarf, frustration, shadow ball, roar, fake out
    PIDGEOT (3), adamant, scipe lens, frustration, aerial ace, steel wing, mud-slap
    PILOSWINE (3), shell bell, quake, roar, b-slam
    PINSIR (3), salac, endure, flail, SD, guillotine
    PLUSLE (3), docile, petaya, thundebolt, thunder wave, seismic toss, wish
    POLITOED (3), surf, mud-slap,
    PONYTA (3), body slam
    PUPITAR (3), hardy, scope lens, earthquake, rock slide, crunch, scary face
    Pinsir @ Salac Flail, Guillotine

    QUILAVA (3), docile, focus band, flamethrower, smokescreen, crush claw, body slam,
    QWILFISH (3), adamant, focus band, revenge, sludge bomb, shadow ball, destiny bond
    RATICATE (3), adamant, focus band, 119,134,69,53,79,138, super fang, hyper fang, shadow ball, scary face
    RELICANTH (3), sassy, chesto, earthquake, rock slide, amnesia, rest
    ROSELIA (3), docile, QA, giga drain, sludge bomb, grasswhistle, synthesis

    SABLEYE (3), quirky, lum, shadow ball, faint attack, confuse ray, recover
    SANDSLASH (3), earthquake
    SCYTHER (3), silver wind, SD,
    SEADRA (3), docile, shell bell, 149,73,103,103,84,93, hydro pump, dragon dance, frustration, dragonbreath
    SEAKING (3), impish, QC, horn drill, megahorn, rest, sleep talk
    SEALEO (3), sitrus, hail, surf, ice beam, body slam
    SEVIPER (3), quirky, QC, sludge bomb, earthquake, crunch, giga drain
    SHARPEDO (3), quirky, scope lens, crunch, surf, double-edge, surf
    SHELGON (3), hardy, focus band, 161,104,109,69,91,59, frustration, dragon dance, crunch, scary face
    SNEASEL (3), jolly, king´s rock, 140,104,85,39,84,159, crush claw, BB, AA, screech
    SOLROCK (3), hardy, white herb, 166,104,94,64,106,79, quake, slide, cosmic power, overheat
    STANTLER (3), adamant, lax incense, confuse ray, thunder wave, shadow ball, frustration
    SUDOWOODO (3), quake, selfdestruct
    SUNFLORA (3), leftovers, giga drain, grasswhistle, growth, double team
    SWALOT (3), adamant, leftovers, shadow ball, body slam, counter, sludge bomb
    SWELLOW (3), adamant, king´s rock, facade, aerial ace, pursuit, double team

    TANGELA (3), calm, chesto, 161,57,124,109,89,69, giga drain, stun spore, rest, amnesia
    TOGETIC (3), yawn
    TORKOAL (3), white herb, protect, overheat, smokescreen, body slam
    TROPIUS (3), focus band, solarbeam, body slam, synthesis

    VENOMOTH (3), signal beam, giga drain
    VIGOROTH (3), adamant, salac, crush claw, endure, reversal, shadow ball
    VOLBEAT (3), quirky, petaya, 129,82,64,88,84,126, signal beam, bolt, ice punch, tail glow
    WAILMER (3), chesto, water spout, rest, earthquake, body slam
    WARTORTLE (3), docile, shell bell, surf, ice beam, rapid spin, protect
    WEEPINBELL (3), quirky, scope lens, sleep powder, reflect, razor leaf, sludge bomb,
    WIGGLYTUFF (3), docile, sitrus, fake tears, sing, dream eater, brick break
    ZANGOOSE (3), adamant, scope lens, 137,171,69,62,69,131, crush claw, shadow ball, BB, AA

    by Peterko
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  10. Tazzler


    Aug 15, 2005
    Great work again. Do you have to swap all 7 times to get a "powerful" pokemon in the next round, as I've read?

    Yeah, it is a *little* but messy, but that can be fixed.
  11. rekt


    Jun 3, 2006
    holy crap, wow

    I don't even own emerald, but this is amazing. seriously rse topic of the year
  12. Great Sage

    Great Sage Banned deucer.

    Jul 31, 2006
    Good work. I know how hard you worked; right now I'm doing some list like this, but for D/P and for competitive reasons, and it takes like forever.
  13. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    I don´t know exactly how swapping works...logically while working on this I swapped everytime I saw a "missing"pkmn...I guess the first time this could matter is at 28 wins, because that´s the point where everything gets mixed up..."strong" I think (not sure) means set 4 or higher...so if swapped enough you get like two set 4 pkmn in the 29-35 lineup (yeah I was right, according to serebii 22-28 trades/swaps gives you 2 strong, 4 normal)...another thing I don´t really get is why leggie sets come randomly...sometimes you get 3 legendaries in the 29-35 lineup and battle other leggies, sometimes this happens at 36-42, sometimes not even there...

    fixing the second list a bit so it doesn´t take up so much space...

    also good luck (and patience) great sage
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  14. nevada11


    Nov 14, 2006
    Dragonite for round 4 has rain dance, surf, thunder, and earthquake!
    Your welcome!

    There is another latias there for round 4- Forgot the nature leftovers- mist ball, reflect, charm, shadow ball
  15. Discord


    Jul 24, 2006
    I should print this out. The speeds are so unbelievably useful. If you left only one part of this guide left, I would rather have the pokemon speeds.
  16. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    you´re right, that´s why I even made some kind of BF speed tiers...enjoy

    394 jolteon (4)
    359 jolteon (1), crobat (3,4)
    339 dugtrio (1,2,3,4), sceptile (1,2,4)
    338 aerodactyl (1,2)
    329 starmie (3,4), raikou
    327 gengar (1)
    319 gengar (2,3,4,5), espeon (2,3,4), tauros (1)
    318 sceptile (3)
    316 electrode (2,3,4)
    309 electabuzz (3), manectric (1,2,3,4)
    306 kangaskhan (3)
    299 charizard, dodrio, entei, fearow, flygon, ninetales, raichu, salamence, typhlosion, ?zapdos?
    298 espeon (1), latias
    296 aerodactyl (3,4), crobat (1,2), jolteon (2,3)
    295 heracross (2), misdreavus (4)
    294 xatu (3)
    289 arcanine (1,2,3,4), houndoom (2,3,4)
    288 electabuzz (2), rapidash (2,3,4)
    285 magmar (2)
    284 electrode (1), meganium (3)
    279 moltres, kangaskhan (4)
    278 charizard (4), flygon (3,4), raichu (1), rapidash (1), salamence (2), tentacruel (3), typhlosion (2,4)
    269 269 269
    266 266
    261 261
    259 259 259 259 259
    256 256 256
    239 239
    236 236 236 236 236 236 236
    226 226
    218 218
    216 216 216
    206 206 206 206 206 206
    198 198
    196 196 196 196 196 196 196 196 196
    192 192
    188 188
    186 186
    176 176 176 176 176 176
    172 172 172
    170 170 170
    166 166 166 166 166 166
    158 158 158 158
    156 156 156 156 156 156 156
    152 152
    149 149
    146 146 146 146 146
    140 140 140 140
    136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136
    131 131
    126 126 126 126
    122 122 122 122 122
    116 116
    96 96 96 96
    86 86
  17. Stallion

    Stallion I do it for the CHICKS
    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Jun 11, 2006
    Omg been looking for one of these for ages, awesome job! You are fast earning a reputation here with ur dedication for the good of the community. Keep it up!
  18. stomp


    Aug 24, 2006
    What an amazing topic. Good job dude!

  19. Cooper

    is a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 23, 2006
    Wow, what an incredible guide. Perhaps even more useful than a team-building guide, as players can now base their EV training simply on what pokemon they're trying to beat. Seriously, good work. And you say you did this by yourself? Wow.

    As someone who places video games over other things (schoolwork...), I just have to say, you've certainly got a lot of free time on your hands (sorry Jumpman).

    I'm not sure if this is really the case or if it's just coincidence, but I've found that by switching at every possible occasion in the Factroy, you will get better pokemon.
  20. goofball

    is a Past WCoP Championwon the 4th Official Smogon Tournamentis the Smogon Tour Season 4 Champion

    Dec 19, 2004
    Hi Pietro lol I see you been busy man. COme on netbattle again :( anyways good work bro I could never sit myself down and do these kind of things xD
  21. toy


    May 22, 2006
    shit, good job
  22. Jumpman16

    Jumpman16 np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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    Dec 19, 2004
    lol i am playing tower since that guy in the right of the Frontier under the Pyramid that essentially gambles your points told me to go there for a singles battle, and my suicune just killed a lapras (luckily a surf/ib/bs/rest one, with shell armor, not water absorb) and a dragonite came in. i had one CM and if i had IB like most people would i would have OHKOed it, but i trust my Icy Wind so yeah I used it and knew i'd do around 60%. i twaved me...then used HB and i was FP. so I rested...and then it did and i consulted this database here and knew it was one we didn't have complete data for. its DD while I rested (had used up chesto against lapras) confirmed that, so...yeah I updated it and bolded the changes.

    we wont know IVs of tower pokemon without guessing but yeah having the set is enough, so if any of you face a legendary pokemonand just happen to be on your PC with easy access to this database, just consult it and see if all the info is there, that would help alot and i could update it accordingly.
  23. Steeler


    Apr 13, 2006
    Holy moley guacamole. =O
    Will definitely use this when I get Emerald in a week or two. Just wondering, exactly how much time did you spend on this? x)
  24. Discord


    Jul 24, 2006
    good, my 30 spd and 21 satk(shut it) modest natural cure starmie is fine to outspeed the gar. 327 my ass. my 328 > 327.

    It's sad that none of the 100 speeders run a speed nature + max speed to hit 328 in the BF. Well that's good for me. =)
  25. Reflect Suicune

    Reflect Suicune

    Jul 28, 2005
    Awesome work man, really.

    I play the BF pretty often myself, so I will be sure to check in on this topic every now and then to verify/update anything I find.

    Also I nominate Peterko for the research badge.

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