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    MakeMyTeam - Optimized Team Generator and Building Help [Complete!]

    MakeMyTeam Optimized Team Generation, Pokemon Suggestions, and much more. MakeMyTeam (mkmt) is a comprehensive Computer Teambuilding System. It is a tool to help build Pokemon teams. Currently, only the OU tier is supported. The name is a pun off of "BreakMyTeam", which is the name of Orda's...

    Gen 6 Teambuilding Guide

    Teambuilding Guide Approved by Aragorn the King and bludz By UberPyro Big update 12/17/15: The guide has been restructured and rewritten. Introduction Hello everybody, my name is UberPyro, and this is my guide to teambuilding. I have been playing for quite a while, having started...

    VolTurn Immunity team by UBERPYRO

    Peaked ~2250 ACRE. I used to create a lot of spike based volturn sand teams in Gen 5, but with the nerf to sand and the buff to defog, I decided to make a volturn with some immunites. Edits are in green. At-A-Glance Mega-Manectric Manectric @ Manectite Role: Volt switch/breaker...