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  1. Ajna


    Approved by bop, -rutl stolen from uu Week 1 Replays [SM] [LAX] Erzengel vs. [LUX] blunder [LAX] Sam I Yam vs. [LUX] rozes [LAX] TDK vs. [LUX] Zamrock [LAX] Arifeen vs. [LUX] HT [HRH] Lcans vs. [QNS] Pearl [HRH] Mazar vs. [QNS] Welliou [HRH] Lord Esche vs. [QNS] Cherub Agent [HRH]...
  2. Ajna

    Project RU Teambuilding Factory (NEW) (Be Sure to Read the OP)

    Approved by: atomicllamas Old Thread: Here Builders: Ajna Natural Talent Diogo MrAldo Scythe. Ping_Pong_Along slurmz Brick Small. fran17 DKFirelord Note: If you were apart of the old thread, or are new and want to help out with the thread, feel free to ask! RU Teambuilding Factory(Banner...
  3. Ajna

    Panda And The Puff(Peaked Number 1)

    Panda And The Puff So, this is the first RMT I've ever done so bear(no pun intended) with me. I have had a ton of success with this team on the ladder so I thought it would be cool to share it with you guys and maybe get some advice in the process. So without further adieu, here's the squad...