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    Resource USM LC Viability Rankings

    Finally, a VR update! The VR council has tallied their votes, and here are your changes: RISES: A to A+ A to A+ A- to A+ A- to A A- to A A- to A B to A B- to B B- to B C- to B- C to C+ DROPS: A+ to A A to A- A to A- B+ to B B+ to B B to B- B+ to B- B to B- B- to C+ B-...
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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Week 2

    Scoring Spreadsheet Game Schedule Let the good times roll. ----- Dragonspiral Tyrunts (0) vs Michelangelesque Mareanies (0) LC: Eternal Spirit vs majaspic22 LC: ict vs Fille Monotype: Ajna vs pork chop man Monotype: cb jose altuve vs Quantum Tesseract PU: Haund vs Z+V PU: Reje vs TSR...
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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Week 1

    Awesome, everyone! Great job on getting your games done this week! I'll have Week 2 up as soon as I get everyone's lineups!
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    I'm GMT +7. My best times to play are during American afternoons and nights but I can make...

    I'm GMT +7. My best times to play are during American afternoons and nights but I can make almost any time work.. I also can't play until Thursday this week but I'm free after that. What works for you?
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    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    In gen 2 (probably gen 1 as well but haven't tested) it doesn't properly display the amount of toxic damage you're about to take. It always shows as 6% despite the fact that I was taking much more than that.
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    I can play this weekend. Saturday @ 3pm work for you?

    I can play this weekend. Saturday @ 3pm work for you?
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    Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2018

    Antar is it still possible to get the stats for LC as well? I know you told me you would get them but with the issues you've been having I understand if it didn't cross your mind.
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    best under used lc pokemon

    In the future please consult Coconut, OP, or me before posting your own thread. If you would like to discuss certain Pokemon, you're welcome to post in the Metagame Discussion Thread here:
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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Week 1

    We're finally here, everyone! Week 1 has arrived! Let's kick off 2018 with a bang! I'm gonna keep the thread barebones for now but I'll add in stuff later. I just wanna get it posted now. Just remember the basics to being a good tournament player presence: Don't be a jerk to people, and schedule...
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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Commencement

    I'm not even worried about it, and I don't think the rest of you should be either. Let's just have a fun time and see how everything goes.
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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Commencement

    Also, for the hell of it, here are prices. Mind Blowing Blacephalons The Trap God 17500 Kingler12345 10500 Sken 10500 HJAD 10000 Vid 9500 Lord Outrage 8000 Wanka 8000 Bushtush 5500 sam i yam 5000 fitzy72 3500 Jox 3000 Casparovv 3000 Neo 3000 Carl Murray...
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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Commencement

    Teams! Star, cb jose altuve, Shrug, Haund, ict, amber lamps, obii, Void, Ajna, King Billu, Croven, Eternal Spirit, Exiline, dcae, Reje, TJ, Kurukaito, Sam Arifeen, Sabella, lax, Taskr, Poek, dice, Heysup, HT, Artoria, CKW, trash, MiyoKa, Many FLCL, fatty, OP, Garay oak, Wincon, Empo...
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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Commencement

    The auction starts in just over an hour! It'll be happening here:
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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Signups

    The draft is in 24 hours from now (Noon EST tomorrow!) so sign-ups are now going to be closed. Thank you to everyone that signed up! I can't wait to get this event started!
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    Announcement Cocomods

    Coconut is our new Moderator! You can now bug her about projects and stuff! You may now show her your appreciation.
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    Tournament OU Invasion Minitour

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    Multi-tier Smogon Exhibition - Commencement

    The current plan for the draft is January 7th. We're not sure of the time yet, but we'll get that sorted before the New Year.